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“I took my family away for a surprise holiday to Spain but was delayed by 6 hours. Anyone with Kids knows what our day was like at the airport. Thankfully we were fully compensated after a long battle with the airline, which thankfully, Flight Claims took care of for us. ”

Benjamin AndrewsKingston, Surrey

Our 3 Part Refund Process

Claiming for a delayed or canceled flight is actually very easy. Follow our simple 3 step process and we’ll get started fighting the airline for your refund.

Complete Our Form

This form although short and super quick to complete, will enable us to start the process of contact you to discuss your refund.

Provide Your Details

In order for us to investigate and act on your behalf we simply require the dates of your flight and the flight number. You’ll likely find these in your email if you have no paperwork left.

Wait For Your Refund

We will go to work battling the flight companies to get you the money that you and your families deserve. Once we hear from the flight provider in question, we will send you your cheque.